About us

The Leommi brand was created in 2016 by Mijana Jelić. As she has two daughters, Leona and Miona, it is interesting that the combination of their names is what makes up the brand name.

She transformed her creativity and love for fashion and traveleling to exotic regions into unique swimsuits whose line is loved by girls all over the world.
The brand’s philosophy is based on the fact that we should love and accept ourselves and our body exactly as it is and feel beautiful in our skin, so Leommi costumes are created to emphasize the femininity and sexiness of every woman in a sophisticated way.


We do everything with love and listen to what our customers are saying, so we spend considerable time studying trends in patterns, fabrics and designs and take care of every detail.
We hope that each of you will find your Leommi costume in which you will feel beautiful and happy inside and out.

We belive that every woman should have access to quality swimwear without the high price tag- get ready to fall in love with every piece we thoughtfully made for you.
With love, Leommi❤️